Dave Brown to Present with Pat Mitchell at CalCIMA Annual Education Conference

August 15th, 2014

Dave Brown of Benchmark ResourcesBenchmark Resources Principal, Dave Brown, will present with Mitchell Chadwick’s Pat Mitchell at the 2014 CalCIMA Annual Education Conference in San Diego, California on Tuesday, November 4 during Breakout Session #1: Mining. Their presentation, entitled Reclamation Obstacles:  Completing the Process in the Face of Changed Regulatory or Site Conditions will focus on the finish line of a project. Whether “finishing” means final site closure or a phase in the middle of the operational life of a project.  This presentation reviews actual issues and lessons learned for the end game of the SMARA process: getting to “YES” on reclamation sign-off and bond release.

Whether for final mine closure or phased reclamation sign-off, cost-effective completion of reclamation and exiting the administrative process is not free of its own surprises and complexities.  Lessons learned by legal and consultant support are combined in this presentation by Pat Mitchell and Dave Brown incorporating over 50 years of collective mining experience.