Dave Brown Presented at CalCIMA 2011 Conference

August 31st, 2011

Dave Brown, President, Benchmark Resources, and Andy Kopania, Principal Hydrologist, EMKO Environmental, presented at the California Construction and Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA) 2011 Education Conference in Monterey. Their paper, entitled Value-Added Reclamation – Quarries as Water Storage and Supply, will address issues and opportunities for integrating storage of water at reclaimed mines. The discussion centered on evaluation of the appropriateness of aggregate mines or quarries for water storage depends on several considerations, including proximity, legal restrictions to storage term, water rights, and water quality. Water storage has the potential to be an important component of the statewide water supply system for California. Mine reclamation planning can include off-stream storage and groundwater recharge. Hard-rock quarries can serve as surface reservoirs for the temporary storage and seasonal delivery of surface water.