Andrew Heinemann to Present during lunch at 2014 CalCIMA Education Conference

August 18th, 2014

Andrew Heinemann of Benchmark ResourcesBenchmark Resources’ Andrew Heinemann will present during lunch at this year’s 2014 CalCIMA Education Conference in San Diego, California on Tuesday, November 4. Heinemann’s presentation, entitled California Mineral Wealth Potential – Will We Continue To Be Ranked As Eighth In the Country, Or Is There More?, will focus on global mineral requirements and dollar value, United States mineral requirements and value, how California has contributed to the mineral wealth and the potential for California to further increase its prosperity and development through the development of its mineral resources.

California arguably has some of the most diverse geology within the United States, offering a vast potential for providing mineral wealth to the state.  This has been realized throughout the history of the state, and was the foundation for development.  Yet with the forever changing regulatory environment, and competing land uses, this mineral wealth is not always realized.  It is believed that only 1% of the earth’s surface is made up of economically extractable minerals, placing a very high level of responsibility on the state to identify and develop its resources in order to fully realize the potential mineral wealth.

Hear more during lunch on Tuesday, November 4 at this year’s CalCIMA Education Conference.